A brand strategy is a process that should not be taken lightly at all.

It is the journey your brand will pursue, whether it is a long-term journey or a short term one.

Ever heard of the movie: Lord of The Rings? Well, they had a carefully planned strategy to get the ring into Mordor.

Although the whole fellowship of the ring set out in the beginning, it was only one that could fulfil this journey. Think of the ring as your product, the journey as your strategy and Mordor as your breakthrough moment. Although the journey was quite an interesting one, the breakthrough eventually came at the end. Along the way a lot of lessons was learnt, a lot of people came and went and sudden changes had to be dealt with to eventually reach the goal.

And that, ladies and gents, is how a strategy works.

Although we hope it’s from point A to point Z, it really is from A to Q and then back to B and then to S and ultimately to Z after a lot of tumbling and turning. Although this is an oversimplistic approach and really not that easy, there’s a lot of role players within a brand strategy. Players such as competition, suppliers, your website, your logo, your message and so forth.

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