Aaahh, the age-old question! What is a brand you ask? Well, it’s anything you want it to be. A name, a term, a theme, a lifestyle and even sometimes a symbol that persuades customers to swipe those credit cards to buy your product. But a brand goes further than securing a customer.

A brand can be measured in non-tangibles such as emotions or concerns. If we can draw a parallel between a brand and a new-born baby. While some baby’s grow into very old human beings, the reality is that some others don’t. Why is that? Well, some are born into ideal circumstances while others are born into hardships. Some are nurtured into old age while some are neglected. The same way a baby grows into a human being with feelings, emotions, concerns, the same way a brand grows (or don’t) into a mature brand name.

Let’s think of two big chicken restaurants. Nando’s and KFC. Both amazing brand names that everyone LOVE. But their brands are completely different. Nando’s chose the route of humour, as to where KFC chose the route of a larger corporation. Both loved by customers, but both are vastly different.

As Cheryll Burgess put it, a brand is a reason to choose. Why will your customers choose you?

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