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We have a proven track record with services spanning across many sectors. From physical to digital... we have it available.

Billboard Advertising

We offer large Billboard Advertising along the N17 highway, on major intersections and main roads in Secunda.

Street Pole Advertising

We offers Street Pole advertisements in the Secunda & Middelbug area, offering everything from the design of the advert to printing and placement

Corporate Branding

Effective corporate branding reinforces the company’s brand, and makes it memorable to existing and potential customers.

Flyer Printing

Flyer distribution is still a priceless promotional tool for any business. We provide Flyer printing and design services to fit your needs.

Large Format Printing

We create large-format advertisements with high-quality prints and designs, to get the most out of your company's branding.

Corporate Clothing

We offer branded corporate clothing, such as shirts, caps, hoodies, work uniforms & many more

Promotional Items

We offer custom branding on promotional items and gifts including, clothing, memory sticks, pens, bags, cups, glasses, books & more.

Shop Fronts

We offer complete shop front signage including window vinyl, entrance signs and larger displays.

Business Cards

A business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number. It is the first impression given to any potential customer

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle graphics can go a long way when it comes to increasing brand awareness and helping a business establish itself in the market.

Social Media

If you're not online, you don't exist. Printed media takes you local... online media takes you international.



To be smart about costing, giving you the best pricing model possible and giving back to the community.


Being on time and precise, from quote to final delivery.


Keeping our designs and advertisements as original and creative as humanly possible.


At DIGI MAG we are all about adding value to your business. We will achieve this by being SMART CREATIVE & EFFECTIVE.

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We do street pole advertising like it’s everyone’s business

With over 15 000 street poles in both Secunda & Middelburg, we will get your business seen.


Raylite Battery Centre

United Motors

Isuzu Large Format

Street Poles Secunda & Middelburg


Putting Your Brand Into Play.

Putting Your Brand Into Play.

Stop thinking of your brand as a product! No, really!  Your brand is not a product. One of the easiest and biggest mistakes that company’s make is to think of your brand as a product. Nobody really cares about what you have to say about your product but a lot of...

Develop Your Brand Strategy

Develop Your Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a process that should not be taken lightly at all. It is the journey your brand will pursue, whether it is a long-term journey or a short term one. Ever heard of the movie: Lord of The Rings? Well, they had a carefully planned strategy to get the...

Creating Your Unique Brand Identity.

Creating Your Unique Brand Identity.

Let’s think of the big brands: The Coca-Cola’s, the McDonalds, the Virgin Group and so forth. How did they do it? How did a company with small beginnings become a household name that very few people won’t recognise today? Well, according to us, there were three...

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