Putting Your Brand Into Play.

Putting Your Brand Into Play.

Stop thinking of your brand as a product!

No, really! 

Your brand is not a product.

One of the easiest and biggest mistakes that company’s make is to think of your brand as a product.

Nobody really cares about what you have to say about your product but a lot of customers listen when you speak about your brand.

It transcends the general scope of a product or service.

Although it is so crucial to keep watching the metrics of your products every minute you are in business, you as a business also have to focus on creating a purpose, a vision

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Develop Your Brand Strategy

Develop Your Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a process that should not be taken lightly at all.

It is the journey your brand will pursue, whether it is a long-term journey or a short term one.

Ever heard of the movie: Lord of The Rings? Well, they had a carefully planned strategy to get the ring into Mordor.

Although the whole fellowship of the ring set out in the beginning, it was only one that could fulfil this journey. Think of the ring as your product, the journey as your strategy and Mordor as your breakthrough moment. Although the journey was quite an interesting one, the breakthrough eventually came at the end. Along the way a lot of lessons was learnt, a lot of people came and went and sudden changes had to be dealt with to eventually reach the goal.

And that, ladies and gents, is how a strategy works.

Although we hope it’s from point A to point Z, it really is from A to Q and then back to B and then to S and ultimately to Z after a lot of tumbling and turning. Although this is an oversimplistic approach and really not that easy, there’s a lot of role players within a brand strategy. Players such as competition, suppliers, your website, your logo, your message and so forth.

Are you looking for someone to help you with the strategy?

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Creating Your Unique Brand Identity.

Creating Your Unique Brand Identity.

Let’s think of the big brands: The Coca-Cola’s, the McDonalds, the Virgin Group and so forth.

How did they do it?

How did a company with small beginnings become a household name that very few people won’t recognise today?

Well, according to us, there were three distinctives that set them apart from their counterparts.


These big brand names won’t change their stance on quality. It’s what they pursue, it’s their goal and it’s what makes them tick. They are frightfully enthusiastic in producing the absolute BEST product they can. And if they can’t, they leave it at that.


As Prudential famously coined their slogan, consistency is the only currency that matters. It might be one of the best descriptions on a brand that we have ever heard. Consistent, relevant, accurate and to the point business is what set the big brands apart from the rest. It creates confidence in your brand and it creates a sustained growth curve over a period of time.


Whether it’s in a marketing campaign, a product launch or an internal team building exercise, innovation is a key element to build a brand that will last. With SO many brands these days, you have to be the one that’s different. When a customer stands in front of your product and your competitors’ product – WHY will they choose you?

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What Is A Brand?

What Is A Brand?

Aaahh, the age-old question! What is a brand you ask? Well, it’s anything you want it to be. A name, a term, a theme, a lifestyle and even sometimes a symbol that persuades customers to swipe those credit cards to buy your product. But a brand goes further than securing a customer.

A brand can be measured in non-tangibles such as emotions or concerns. If we can draw a parallel between a brand and a new-born baby. While some baby’s grow into very old human beings, the reality is that some others don’t. Why is that? Well, some are born into ideal circumstances while others are born into hardships. Some are nurtured into old age while some are neglected. The same way a baby grows into a human being with feelings, emotions, concerns, the same way a brand grows (or don’t) into a mature brand name.

Let’s think of two big chicken restaurants. Nando’s and KFC. Both amazing brand names that everyone LOVE. But their brands are completely different. Nando’s chose the route of humour, as to where KFC chose the route of a larger corporation. Both loved by customers, but both are vastly different.

As Cheryll Burgess put it, a brand is a reason to choose. Why will your customers choose you?

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